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Fire trucks and tow trucks/wreckers are no longer available for FS22.  I am not sure if I will be releasing them at this point due to the lack of respect and inability of people to be patient for proper testing and release.

Mods that are in beta testing are not fully functional and do not work properly.  Most of the time when they are new to beta testing, they have errors and texture problems.  

My process of converting mods from one game version to another is to fully redo the model in Blender.  This means exporting all the parts and pieces and redoing all the material assignments and attempting to lower the poly counts as much as possible in order to bring you a better model that is less taxing on your GPU.

The inability for some of your fellow players to respect this process and to continually beg for these mods to be released, or to obtain them through alternate means and release them either to another group, or to post them on another mod site, has led to this current decision.

While I will still be working on converting other mods and creating new mods for FS22, I will no longer be working on the fire trucks or the tow trucks as of now.

This IS NOT an invitation for anyone else to convert them.  I have a specific process as outlined above, and when/if I decided to work on them again, I will be following that process to bring a better quality mod to the game.

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