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Welcome back to Woodmeadow!

Woodmeadow Farm V3.1.2 is packed full of fun!  Many new areas have been added, and existing areas have been fixed up and have more features than ever before.  The implementation of the FS17 railroad system has added a whole new aspect to the map.

Features and Requirements:

   -Requires most up to date Universal Process Kit (UPK)

The Main Farm-

This is where you will start your journey as a farmer on Woodmeadow.  You have been given an assortment of older equipment to start with.

The middle area can be cleared and used for placeable buildings.

Train Yard-

You have 3 trains that run on 1 line.  Each train has it's own siding in the yard.  1 carries grains and beets, another carries logs and woodchips, the last one is used for plowing snow off the route in the winter.

There is also a new lumber mill here too!

West Farm-

Not much really going on here.  Use this area to house your large equipment for working the big fields.  This farm is equipped with a silo for holding all fruits, and a garage big enough for Big Bud and his friends.

County Fair-

Try your luck at the mud pits, or bring down all your antiques and show them off.  There's always something going on at the fair!

Maple Sugar Shack-

Just some fertilizer and water is all it takes to create pallets full of bottles filled with maple syrup!

Apple Orchard-

Water and Fertilizer will help you to grow all the apples you can sell.  Your helpers will pick them off the trees for you and put them in boxes neatly stacked on a pallet for you to sell.

Animal Dealer-

Slightly improved, now offers move visual details, just be careful where you step.  You can also sell your excess manure here too!

Ski Resort-

Find yourself a Pistenbully and keep the slopes groomed in the winter.  This area also offers a large area for logging and mowing grass in the summer.  Take a walk in the woods and find hidden treasures.

Fuel Refinery-

Now accepting canola, corn, and wheat.  You will get quality diesel fuel in return as well as composted byproduct to use as fertilizer on your fields.  Use this to fill your fuel tanks for free!


This massive giant can hold hundreds upon hundreds of pallets of seed, fertilizer, saplings, apples, boards, you name it.  Back your reefer up and load and unload from inside.  Plenty of racks for stacking.

Tow Yard-

So you like our tow trucks?  Now you have a place to park them!  Tow vehicles here for repairs and store your fleet out of the weather.

Rock Quarry-

You no longer need outside mods for sand, gravel, asphalt, rock, etc.  It can all be found or manufactured on the map now!

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